The VRQ Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver is a stand-alone qualification offered by Awarding Organisations such as Pearson, City and Guilds and SQA within their portfolio of qualifications. Success in the VRQ will also provide a clear pathway to meeting all the requirements of underpinning knowledge of the relevant Level 2 Certificate.

This VRQ qualification consists of nine units:

  • Unit 1:Health and safety in the taxi and private hire work environment.
  • Unit 2:Road safety when driving passengers in a taxi or private hire vehicle.
  • Unit 3:Professional customer service in the taxi and private hire industry.
  • Unit 4:Taxi and private hire vehicle maintenance and safety inspections.
  • Unit 5:The regulatory framework of the taxi and private hire industry.
  • Unit 6:Taxi and private hire services for passengers who require assistance.
  • Unit 7:Routes and fares in the taxi and private hire vehicle industries.
  • Unit 8:Transporting of parcels, luggage and other items in the taxi and private hire industries.
  • Unit 9:Transporting of children and young persons by taxi or private hire vehicle.


Each unit of the e-learning programme has up to 20 multi choice questions that have to be answered before moving to the next unit.

External assessment is through a bank of online multi-choice questions set and managed by the relevant Awarding Organisation. Unit 6 also requires a practical assessment in the operation of ramps, swivel seats and wheelchairs.

To meet the needs of licensing authorities, and their obligations within the Equality Act 2010, it is a requirement of the qualification that the driver will undertake training and assessment in practical matters such as deploying a ramp, folding and stowing a wheelchair, and loading and fastening a wheelchair so that the passenger is safely and comfortably secured in the vehicle.

Ideally training should take place alongside an application for a licence and certainly before paying customers are carried. If you are considering a career in taxi or private hire driving and wish to find out more about the licensing of drivers, vehicles and fees you should visit the web site of your local licensing authority.