Who are Smarter Academy?

Smarter Academy is one of the fastest growing providers of training across the UK, boasting, first class training and a flexible and responsive approach to qualification development.

Our training staff are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience of the education industry, work based learning provision and commercial training. Highly competent at developing, identifying and expanding the delivery of qualifications, including: learner engagement, curriculum management, identifying opportunities to strengthening quality by engaging learners to achieve personal/company targets; reinforcing the vision, mission and culture of organisations.

Our industry standard training materials include course notes, course guides, handouts and workbooks, we deliver the highest quality training to cohorts of between 15 / 20 learners per session.

Our aim is to work closely with our clients to provide the service their business requires, this relationship allows us to respond quickly to changing client demands and by altering our sector specific bespoke training courses to meet their business needs.

Our clients have the opportunity to add their own content, replace parts not relevant or required and we invite clients to put their own logo onto all training material. At any time clients can customise, edit and modify courses to suit their own requirements and the ever changing climate of business and industry, we can provide this flexibility due to well-researched industry and the ability to develop customised training courses is popular amongst our International clients. We declare that we have confidence in our ability to develop and deliver quality courses of learning in all areas of expertise.

Smarter Academy's international programme will include:

  • The quickest turnaround of certificates
  • Recognised skills across the world with British certificates
  • Assessment against recognised international industry standards